5 Best Practices to Create Your Model Portfolio in Japan


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Casting headshot of a Japanese model.

Last update: April 3, 2024

Are you an aspiring model in Japan looking to create a stunning portfolio? Well, I’ve got some great tips for you. For this, the photo shoot starting your portfolio will be a crucial step in launching your career. Check out these 5 best practices that will help make your photo shoot efficient and your portfolio shine in Japan!


Pre-Production Planning

Concept and Mood: Brainstorm a clear concept and mood for your portfolio. This could be a specific theme, style, or emotion you want to portray.

Shot List: Create a list outlining the poses, outfits, and expressions you want to capture. This keeps the shoot focused and prevents you from forgetting anything.

Location Scouting: Find a location that complements your concept and offers variety. Consider natural light and backgrounds. JG Studio offers an ideal space for different styles.




Photographer: Choose a photographer who aligns with your vision and understands your goals. Research their portfolio and discuss your expectations beforehand. As the photographer of JG Studio, I always request my clients to share some photos with me before a photo shoot. This helps me comprehend their objectives and the look they aim for.

Stylist: If needed, hire a stylist to help curate outfits that flatter your figure and suit the photoshoot theme.

Makeup and Hair: If your budget allows it, invest in professional makeup and hair styling to elevate your look and ensure consistency throughout the shoot.

Portrait photograph of a French influencer on the balcony of JG Studio.


Be Camera-Ready

Skincare: To ensure your skin looks its best, it’s important to hydrate properly and get a good night’s sleep before the photo session.

Practice Poses: Rehearse basic poses in front of a mirror to feel confident during the shoot.

Bring Variety: Pack different outfits, accessories, and shoes to create diverse looks within your chosen theme(s).



Engage & Enjoy The Shoot

Communication is Key: Communicate openly with your photographer. Don’t hesitate to ask for adjustments.

Have Fun!: Relax, be natural, and don’t overdo your poses. The more you enjoy the process, the better your photos will be.

Lifestyle shots at the foot of Azabudai Hills Tower in Tokyo.



Image Selection: While shooting, collaborate with your photographer to select the best photos representing your strengths and versatility.

Editing: Apply some edits like cropping, exposure adjustments, and color correction to enhance your photos without overdoing it. JG Studio provides professional editing to deliver high-quality portfolio shots after each photo session.

Brand photography of jewels worn by a blond model in JG Studio.

Following these tips, you can create stunning photos that capture your unique personality and impress potential agencies and clients. There is a true potential for foreign models in Japan.
Remember that your portfolio is an investment in your modeling career that requires time and commitment. Be patient and persistent!

Bonus Tip: Even if you can find jobs speaking only in English, it is a huge advantage as a model to be able to speak Japanese. So, learn the language as much as possible and meet people in Japan.

I hope this helps! Good luck in your modeling journey!

Jean-Guillaume (JG)

JG Studio Owner and Photographer